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We will teach you how to close

The Art of Selling Solar Panels

Discover the key to improving your closing skills

Brandeis Solar Training  has created a training system to allow your sales strategy to explode and guide you to close more leads successfully. This training covers everything from basic techniques through to advanced sales strategy and closing methods.

You have invested in your company- lead generation, marketing, networking, product, people and more. These are all crucial components of a business. But none of these mean anything if you aren’t closing sales. Get your ROI on all the efforts you have made to grow your company by learning killer closing skills. 

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Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Referrals are not a growth strategy

Revolutionize your solar panel business with proven sales strategies

The Brandeis Solar Training Closing System is a multi-million-dollar web-based interactive virtual training
and communication platform

“Closing sales is an art, and just like music, theater, painting or sports can be taught, we teach closing.”

Jeff Brandeis

Online Solar Sales Training

Find the right sales package to fit your business

Solar Sales Mastery

$ 2,495
  • Sales Process Overview
  • Skills Learning
  • Reinforcing
  • Sequencing Selling
  • 7 Keys to Success
  • Creative Questioning

We also offer extensive onsite training solutions

Brandeis Students Can Close

Book a Sales Consultation

If digital sales training does not seem like the right thing for you, book a call with us and we can find something that suits or needs better. Be it onsite training or video sales coaching to advise on sales processes we have you covered.

"The ease of selling is in direct ratio to the selling that precedes it"

Paul Webb

The Basics of a Sales Solution

A generalized sales funnel that can be applied to any business.

  1. Your first email, call, meeting or other contact.
  2. When you’ve determined a lead is serious and capable of making the purchase.
  3. When you’ve scheduled a full sales presentation, be it a demo or a written proposal.
  4. The point where you address customer concerns.
  5. When the purchase is made or contract is signed.

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Want to know more?

Aside from our tailored training solution courses Brandeis Training Solutions also has a wide range of other group-based training solutions for you to take advantage of. We do live events, sales strategy blogs and will soon be launching additional online training solutions to further expand your mastery of the art of sales.

Online Courses

We offer a wide range of digital sales training courses with more options to come in the future.

On-Site Training

We'll come to your business and teach your people the skills they need to help your brand thrive- simple as that.

Sales Blog

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