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Our Mission

Brandeis Sales solutions was first founded in 2002 with the goal of helping businesses, business owners and tradesmen to improve their sales productivity within the boarders of the United States of America. This goal has since expanded to include multiple international territories and we have continued to refine, learn and tailor our offerings to suit the market needs.

Our Experience

Between our training partners lies over 80 years of sales experience and yet we keep on learning every day in order to adapt to changing market conditions and new sales methods. Brandeis Sales Solutions has spent a lot of time studying buying behaviours, mental triggers and human psychology in order to structure the very best sales courses which can deliver quick and reliable results to our clients. Our experience is most definitely strongest in the fields of Automotive Sales, Real Estate Sales and CPA Sales however we have a range of over 15 different industry fields which we have successfully served resulting in well over 40 000 students having successfully completed our courses. This success rate with students has driven 180 Fortune 500 companies to seek out our training solutions and sales consultation services to boost their own in house training programs.

Meet our Training Partners

Jeff Brandeis

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Our Training Partner and Co-Founder, Jeff Brandeis, started his life out in the world of sales at an early age of 7 at which time he sold girl scout cookies on behalf of his sister. He quickly became the number one girl scout cookie seller in his area through his natural talents for communication and customer service.  

In college Jeff completed a degree in Business Administration and went on to receive a master’s degree in taxation which saw him working in the field of accounting for 5 years. There after Jeff went on to work for a Tax processing client but quickly became frustrated with the sales processes of the company and opted to shift his career path officially into sales. It took little time before he became their top salesman where after Jeff went on to become the Vice President of Sales. He was there after progressively poached by several other companies to run, manage and expand their sales programs, producing stellar results each time as VP of the respective company. This gave him a wide range of experience in the training and development of salespeople, sales teams and sales training across multiple different industries over a 20-year time span, making Jeff arguably one of the most experienced sales development experts in the United States.  

Now after a highly successful career in sales, Jeff has partnered with Paul Webb to create the Brandeis Training Solutions brand and courses. A business aimed at helping business owners, tradesmen and professional sales industry experts learn, grow and get results thanks to their combined knowledge and expertise. Jeff is also in the middle of producing a sales book titled “Great” which is due for release sometime in 2020 year.   

Paul Webb

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Like many great salespeople Paul Webb started in sales early in his life, coming from a family with strong sales background derived from his mother who had risen from an early passing of Paul’s father to build a very successful sales company with multiple salespeople working for her. In his teens, Paul often attended lectures with his mom given by some of the top sales trainers in the world such as Zig Ziglar.

However, his life took a different direction after college when Paul’s competitive nature drove him to become a professional downhill skier in Utah where he would both instruct and compete. However the world of sales always seem to call to even while being paid to Ski and later surf professionally.

Pauls re-entry into the world of sales came at the hands of his meeting with an accomplished sales speaker and trainer who was impressed with Paul’s wide range of sales knowledge which matched much of what he was teaching. Clearly Paul’s time spent learning with his mother had sunk in. Paul would go on, over the next six and a half years, to become the manager and course development for this speaker; helping him to develop courses for multiple different industries, including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance, Investments, Banking, Travel, Entertainment, Insurance and Automotive.

After leaving the speaker, he went on to set up the Training company called International Training Solutions Inc which became phenomenally successful, training Fortune 500 companies worldwide in the art of sales. Alongside this he worked as a sales training and consulting specialist for multiple large international companies including Ford, Porsche, Audi, BMW and finally Mercedes Benz where he still works training specialist.

Paul progressively furthered his sales knowledge with multiple training courses, coaches and programs; most notably Harvard Business School and Paul McKenna Training where he received a masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has gone on to write two highly acclaimed sales books “Sales Training for Everyone” and “Automotive Sales Professionals” which have gone on to become two of the best selling sales books around.

Using his vast knowledge and experience in the world of sales, Paul has partnered with Jeff to produce some of the most comprehensive and results driven sales courses that money can buy through Brandeis Training Solutions.

Our Clients Close Deals

Thank you for your presentation to the Goleta Business Forum. We look for informative, interesting and ispiring speakers. You delivered on all counts.

Judy Pirkowitsch

How we Facilitate our Training

Our courses can be taken in three formats, online video,
onsite training consultation/facilitation and live events.

Online Courses

The online courses are sold in easy to understand grouping packages to help you find those courses that are most relevant to your specific business fields. All of our current online course content is available for viewing 24/7 so that you can work through it at a pace which best suits your needs. We have plans to look at adding webinar training sessions in the future though these courses are still under development at this time.

Onsite Training

Our onsite training is structured on a case by case basis with the client and can range from half days to multiple days depending on the needs of the client. This process is facilitated by one or both of our Training Partners, again, depending on the client needs. Brandeis also offers onsite sales consultation options which are typically performed onsite and structured according to the client sales requirements and targets.


Brandeis often hosts events during the course of the year with specific sales topical focuses for each event. These events are more often than not paid events, however Brandeis does hold some free events with the aim to provide a baseline of sales knowledge to larger groups of people.

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