Solar Sales Solutions

Online Sales Courses

Our solar sales package of online training consist of a series of videos and written material to help your sales strategy explode and guide you to close more leads successfully. This training covers everything from basic techniques through to advanced sales strategy and closing methods. The packages listed describe the content of each package as a basic overview. If you have questions regarding which specific option will suit you best, please feel free to reach out to us.

Solar Sales Mastery

Brandeis Training Package
$ 2,495
  • Identify a Persons Learning Style
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Learning Eye Cues
  • How People Dress
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinestic Learning Styles
  • Solar Upsell Techniques

Onsite Training

Some businesses may already have a sales process in place with good salespeople but may wish to optimise their sales process. Alternatively, they may not have a concrete sales process in place or may be looking to hire new salespeople. For these businesses Brandeis General Training Solutions offers a consultancy service which will guide you along the process of setting up or optimizing your sales methods, advise on the right sales people for you or structure a general sales training process your people can follow.

Sales Events

Brandeis often hosts sales training events during the year with specific sales topical focuses for each event. These events are more often than not paid events; however Brandeis does hold some free events with the aim to provide a baseline of sales knowledge to larger groups of people. These events are often industry specific however this may not always be the case as the material may be applicable to multiple fields.

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